NIACOG Housing Trust Fund
Our mission is to enhance the affordable housing stock and
its availability to low to moderate income households.

  1. Emergency Project Application
    This program is for malfunctioning furnaces, malfunctioning water heaters, handicapped ramps, and other emergencies. The household must include a senior citizen (62+) and/or a disabled person. The home must be located in Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Kossuth, Mitchell, Winnebago, or Worth County.
    Emergency Project Application (Word) (PDF); Brochure (PDF)

  2. Home Repair Application - 2018 - Cerro Gordo County
    This program takes on a wider range of essential home repairs (beyond emergencies). Eligible projects include dilapidated roof, siding, handicapped access, window/door replacement, wall repair, and non-functioning: plumbing, electrical, furnace, hot water heater, or water/sewer line, etc. For 2018 we currently have funding available for small projects ($1,000 to $10,000) and large projects ($20,000 to $30,000). The home must be located in Cerro Gordo County. We are now accepting applications from people who are age 62 (or older), disabled, or have children under 6 years of age living in (or regularly visiting) the home. If children under 6 years of age live in (or regularly visit) the home, additional funding may be available through the Cerro Gordo Public Health Department's Lead Abatement Program.
    (Word)(PDF); Brochure (PDF)

  3. Rental Housing Repair Application -

    Home repair for rental housing in Cerro Gordo County. Projects primarily include exterior improvements such as siding/painting, window replacement, replacement of front steps, demolition of garages in poor condition or other repairs that focus on badly needed exterior rehabilitation. Large projects of $20,000 or more are preferred, but not required. This program can be used in combination with the Cerro Gordo Public Health Lead Abatement Program described below. Contact NIACOG if you would like to be added to the mailing list for any future funding rounds at

    Rental Housing Repair Application (Word) (PDF); Brochure (PDF)

  Not eligible? If your project is not eligible for our Programs, please refer to the 'Other Resources' listed
  at the bottom of this page.



  Am I Eligible for Owner-Occupied Home Repair Assistance?

 To be eligible for assistance your home must:

  • Be located in a program eligible county. See eligible counties for respective program descriptions listed above (1-3).
  • Be owned by you.
  • Have an eligible repair need.
    • Emergency Projects are limited to true emergencies (for example: furnace or hot water heater not working or handicapped ramp). 
    • Home Repair Projects can include:
      • Non-functioning or hazardous situation with: plumbing, electrical, furnace, hot water heater, or water/sewer line
      • Replacement of deteriorated siding, windows, doors, or roof
      • Placement of window screens or sump pump/backflow valve
      • Adding handicapped access (ramp, bathroom, door widening)
  • Be current on house payments.
  • Be insured (homeowners insurance).

  For Emergency Projects only, a senior citizen or disabled person MUST be
  living in the home.

   Financial Limits (maximums) for owner-occupied projects: 
    • Liquid Cash Asset Limit $25,000 
    • Owner-Occupied Income Limits: 
      • 1-person household $27,060
      • 2-person household $30,960
      • 3-person household $34,800
      • 4-person household $38,640
      • 5-person household $41,760
      • 6-person household $44,800


 Do I have to pay back the ‘loan’?

 The assistance functions like a grant and repayment is not required unless the
 home is sold (or refinanced with funds paid out) within 5 years.
1/60th of the
 loan is forgiven each month for 5 years without payment as long as ownership 
 is maintained.

What is the process?

 FOR EMERGENCY REPAIR PROJECTS: You complete the application and
 supply bids from contractors. NIACOG determines eligibility, inspects repairs,
 and pays the contractor if eligible.

 FOR HOME REPAIR / OVERHAUL PROJECTS: Your first step is to complete
 the Pre-Application. If your Pre-Application looks eligible, a full application will
 be mailed to you when funds become available for your project. Please note
 that the full application will not be sent until late 2017. After your full
 application is received, NIACOG staff will determine your eligibility and inspect

 the requested repairs. After that, bids are taken from local contractors, and a
 contractor is hired to complete the job. Contractors must be registered with the
 State of Iowa to work on a project.

 What sources fund the program?

 These programs are made possible through the generous support of the
 following contributors:

  • State Housing Trust Fund
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Of Des Moines 
  • First Citizens National Bank
  • Clear Lake Bank & Trust
  • NSB Bank
  • North Iowa Community Credit Union
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Cerro Gordo County
  • MBT Bank
  • United Way of North Central Iowa
  • Cent Credit Union
  • Worth County Development Authority
  • Shopko Foundation
  • US Bank
  • Principal Financial Group

  What organizations work together to implement this program?

 The following agencies assist with the staffing, marketing,
 and/or implementation of the NIACOG Housing Trust Fund programs.

  • North Iowa Area Council of Governments (NIACOG)
  • North Iowa Community Action Organization
  • Elderbridge Agency on Aging

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