• Every student who graduates from Garner-Hayfield High School is given a scholarship in the name of William Henschen, a Hancock County drainage engineer for 51 years.  Because only the interest is paid out each year, and not the original principal, the scholarships will continue as long as there are G-H grads.  The first scholarship was given in 1970; it was $300 per student.  That amount has grown to over $4000 per student.  William Henschen has left a legacy that has benefited many, many people in the county seat of Garner (pop. 3052).
  • Since 1900 the City of Britt (pop. 1,985), Iowa has been hosting a National Hobo Convention. The non-profit Hobo Day Association supports the National Hobo Convention by hosting a weekend festival that includes a parade, entertainment, arts and crafts, food and lots of fun. The highlight of this festival is the election of the King and Queen of the Hobos. The hobos come to town and set up a hobo jungle, sell their crafts and provide free entertainment to visitors. Not to be missed in your visit to the Hobo Days festivities and the National Hobo Convention, is the Hobo Memorial Cemetery where many steam era hobo have been laid to rest; and the National Hobo Museum where many authentic hobo artifacts are on display.
  • The City of Crystal Lake  (pop. 236) is home to the self-proclaimed "World's Largest Bullhead" at the entrance of the Crystal Lake State Park.

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